Commercial Space Station Hotel To Open In 2016

Have you ever dreamt of vacationing in space?? Well, not very far from today it will be possible.

Orbital technologies are developing the first space hotel for year 2016.

The hotel will be big enough for seven people who are planning special vacations or even for a group of scientists who are going to research, this trip includes internet and other communication, even food, that will be dehydrated of course, will have to be ordered before your trip.

Of course there are some pros and cons about this:

Pros: You will be traveling in outer space watching the mysteries of the universe and you will be able to tell everyone that you are an astronaut.

Cons: There are neither showers nor pool.

The real cost of this vacation is yet unknown but the estimated price is of $200000 to $ 1 million dollars depending on the vehicle you use, so start saving for a vacation out of this world.

Content provided by Eugenio Tumoine

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One thought on “Commercial Space Station Hotel To Open In 2016

  1. Carolina loaisa velasco says:

    They were talking about it the other day in Fiturtech. I think is an unique experience but only a few will be able to go because it is quite expensive at the moment.

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