Have you ever sleep on a luxury hotel?

Have you ever sleep on a luxury hotel? I hope most of you have been, at least once, on a good hotel. Did you realize that you sleep there as you were on the heaven?

I believe that those were the kind of questions that the people from Meliá had been thinking about before launching their newest “product” on the market.

On 22nd of January they present us an online shop where all people can buy all that stuff that makes you sleep comfortable and also many bath products that you can need to make you feel like being with all the care you usually have on a five star hotel. Even if you cannot afford to lodge on one of their hotels, you can have it on your home in just one click.

  melia post

It is called Meliá Hotels Store and it is the first Spanish hotel chain that launches a shop for selling their textile products.

As authentic experts of rest and comfort, they will make us reach their mattresses (created exclusively for them by Flex, and only available for the workers of the chain before that store) also we can buy the mattress bases, pillows, duvets and quilts, bedclothes, towels, bath robes and the luxury collection of YHI Spa. All of them are products that you will only find on Meliá Hotels & Resorts, and till now, on your home.

I think that this initiative will increase the good image of the chain. It will make more people able to have their products really close, Ergo, when the potential clients decide to travel and they would not know where to lodge, the first label that would appear on our mind will be Meliá because we will have it every day on our daily life and we will associate it into something comfortable at which we are already used to, then we will fill as on our own home when traveling abroad.

To sum up, from my point of view, the concept they sell is that you can have experience of being in a hotel on your home, but at the end, it will turn into having your home in every Melià hotel you can go. And do not forget that making it online means that it will reach everybody on the world and it will keep them uploaded of the newest trends of the market!

Content provided by Núria Gibert


2 thoughts on “Have you ever sleep on a luxury hotel?

  1. Very interesting article. I reckon that with this website not only does Melia sell products but also builds on its global brand. It recalls me somehow the Zara Home stores. Pity you did not mention the website….http://www.meliahotels-store.com/SP/index.aspx
    Congrats for the post, keep posting!
    David Mora

  2. Thank you for the congrats David! it is a good comparison, seems that zara use a similar system to strength their brand. Thank you for including the website!
    Núria Gibert

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