Apps for cars


Who doesn´t know the problem: you are alone driving by car and you need for example an accommodation for the night or some information about the next camping site. Of course you are not going to use the cell phone while driving the car to avoid an accident.

Today I would like to tell you about a new trend.

Software developer are now allowed to design apps for automobile manufacturer, which could be integrated in the infotainment systems of the cars. In other words: there will be a software-compatibility between the multimedia systems in the cars of Ford and GM and new developed apps that allow looking for information on the internet while driving a car.

There are two different approaches thinkable: Ford is going to use the cell phone of the car driver and the app will be installed as usual. There will be an interface to the cars´ infotainment system that the handling will be by voice command.  GM is going to prefer to install the app in the cars´ infotainment system directly. For that will be a platform established that the user will be able to download the programme straight to the infotainment system.

I think the advantage for the car driver will be that he will be able to use the mobile web not only in the office, sitting on the sofa or while waiting for the metro. In the future he will be able to use the internet while driving a car and in fact legal.
The main point and challenge for the developer from my point of view will be that the apps are designed in this way that the drivers will not get sidetracked.

In any case, with this new app there are new possibilities for the tourism industry, e.g. new possibilities for content distribution, hotel rooms and offers are bookable directly in the car, spontaneous stops, live-information about changes in the flight schedule et cetera.

What do you think about these evolutions?

Content provided by Hemmi Eckhardt


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