3D-Representations of Cities and Regions, for example in Google Earth


Category: Trends in Tourism

3D representations called “Web Mapping” are the latest trends in the media-world! Instead of GPS-based geocaching or GPS-tracks for hiking and mountain biking the web now offers new representations of objects in the third dimension. They are traded as the new form of presentation of tourist points of interest on the Internet.

Not only Google but also Microsoft works with Virtual Earth because they try to replicate cities realistically. Moreover not only companies can get use of this new tool, also tourists also have the ability to use it to recreate virtual objects (photos). Here we are once again on the Web 2.0 effect “user-generated content”.

The added value for the users and especially for Google is not hard to guess:

“Our main goal is to create the ultimate virtual world. People should get the opportunity to make virtual tours through cities”, said Keuchel, a Google Spokesman.
Google, business-focused as ever, wants to combine this new option with a local search function that shows, for example, all different restaurants in the street.

Source: http://www.tourismuszukunft.de/

Content provided by Eva Zotter


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