Visit Norway – Gamification in tourism

Have you ever seen gamification in tourism? – On the webpage of Visit Norway it is possible to do ski jumping online and to measure with other customers. You can see it as an interactive entertainment with a positive side effect on customer loyalty. Do you think it´s working?

Game report – Holmenkollen Ski jumping
The game was developed by the agency “agens”. After choosing the language you can start. You have to wait for good wind conditions and then you can steer the take-off with the spacebar. The stance you are able to influence with the curser key. After the landing you get credits for your ski jump. Also  you are able to inform about the destination Norway because there are some links.
After two jumps the player is able to share his result on facebook and twitter and can recommend the game to his friends directly by email. It is also possible to show it in the players‘ own blog.
Often the provider creates an incentive like badges, points systems, and experience reports to
initiate customer loyalty 2.0.

Why is this a new trend?
There is a lot of space in gamification to surprise the customers. The advantage is that the customer is incorporated actively and is connected in an emotional way.
But of course a company has to think about his goals and the wishes of the target group by
developing a game to get efficient in gamification.

PhotoCity – an interactive idea for destinations?
Another idea for gamification of destinations is PhotoCity. Tourists are on a virtual treasure hunt
where flags are chased and photos taken to conquer castles and to get credits. Maybe a good
possibility to make destinations more interactive.

All in all we can state that gamification is a current theme and we will deal with it further on. That´s why we will give another article in this blog in the near future.


Content provided by Hemmi Eckardt


One thought on “Visit Norway – Gamification in tourism

  1. Great example of the use of gamification in tourism. Advergaming is a new trend and the Norwegian case is probably the first successful one. This week the Basque Country released its own game, this might be a trend in destination promotion.
    Thank you Hemmi!

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