Innovation Rules – Mobile Devices In Hotels

The Requirements…

Imagine a nice Wellness-Hotel in a nice area. The guests of this hotel want to spend some relaxed
days with SPA-Treatments as well as activities in the surrounding. Moreover they require good and
personalized service…

Now imagine an overbooked Business Hotel. The traveler is tired, the queue at the reception is long
and the customer is in a bad mood…

New Digital Possibilities…
There are various new technologies that have been developed over the last few years. They make it
possible to give to the traveler the best possible support in all phases, whether he is a SPA-Guest or a

Not only people can book an overnight stay in a hotel while they are on the way but also
Check-In at the hotel with the Smartphone. After the Check-In with the mobile phone it
is also possible to unlock the room with the phone. Therefore waiting in the queue at the
reception and lost room cards are part of the past.

The booked additional demands, for example drinks and so on, can be confirmed with the
Smartphone. There is no use to sign the bills any more.

Also the SPA-treatments can be booked with the Smartphone. By using this traveler always
has his holiday-schedule on his phone. If the guest has any questions he has the opportunity
to phone an employee of the SPA Department by Facetime-Calls

But also for the processes of the hotels it can be a relief to rely on mobile devices:

The room service is provided with an iPad. On this iPad appear the wishes of the guest –
allergenic pillows, special drinks, etc. – and the employees can provide the rooms with these
requirements. Moreover the information about requires the guests book while they stay in
the hotel are stored in a special category in Fidelio to be used for CRM.

If there are any defects in the rooms (broken televisions and lamps, etc.) the employee of the
housekeeping Department makes a photo and selects the appropriate category, for example
HIFI, and the responsible employee automatically gets an email with the information.

If you are interested in the use of this technology there is a “e-Day” about eMarketing and
eInnovations of the Hotel Branch in Munich on March 8th 2013.

Content provided by Eva Zotter



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