Fiturtech – The next travel Generation

Last week, I was visiting the International Fair of Tourism in Madrid (FITUR) and I was especially impressed by a roundtable discussion called “the next travel generation” at FITURTECH. There were representatives of NH, Axel hotels, Palladium and Google, all talking about the effects of the technology on the accommodation sector from their point of view.

Here are the main points of their conversation and the conclusions we can get from it:

  • New kind of client ⇒ search the real experience of the product

– The companies must take care of the product = more quality

⁻ The companies have to offer more experiences with more new content

⁻ There are clients that like technology and are able to try new products

  •  Before, the companies were in the hands of the Travel Agencies and the Tour Operators but nowadays the clients know much more than the professionals because they have been searching info and know opinions of other consumers.
  •  Mobile devices as sells channel: Most of the bookings done through a mobile device are searches in less than 8 km around, it means very closed reservations.
  •  Google have a privileged position because they have the info about the clients. They put in contact the clients with the business.
  •  Travel Agencies: Need to reinvent themselves and do not give to the clients what they already have on internet, they need to offer something else.
  •  At the question of airbnb and Hall St. can be seen as competitors? I take note of two important answers:

Answer 1: There are two different cases:

i  The competitor that takes part of your market because you are not good enough

ii The competitor that also sell the same as you “accommodation” but that you do not lose it because it’s not your target market.

Answer 2: Why the hotels cannot collaborate together with websites as airbnb or HallSt? We cannot go against the market, we have to go to the same direction.

From my point of view, the Accommodation companies have to contact with the client before they arrive and know in advance which are their preferences and the needs that they will have, it will mean a great improvement of the experience. The hotel industry have to use the new opportunities and the new trends of the market to generate better services and to allow the clients to have the best information at the best place, that means the accommodation industry have to find the way to be on the right channels giving the right messages.

Content By: Núria Gibert

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